Training & Careers

  • Microsoft .Net Development
    4 months s/w training program with guaranteed job placement with Astrea Solutions LLP. With training program fees 40,000 INR you get to learn and code HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, Jquery, Database Concept, SQL Server 2012, C#, Dot Net, MVC, SVN & TFS, Micro ORM Dapper.Net.
  • RPA - UIPath Basic Level 1
    3 weeks of extensive training program with more of practical and poc exercises. The training program fees will be 30,000 INR.The target for the proposed training on UiPath’s Robotics Process Automation will be to impart adequate knowledge and hands-on practice so as to enable the trained employees to secure the following certifications from UiPath: • RPA Awareness • RPA Developer Foundation – Level#1 The following areas/topics will be covered in the training:
    1. Introduction to RPA
    2. Introduction to UiPath
    3. Activities
    4. Variables, Datatypes & Arguments
    5. Control flows
    6. Data manipulation & Collections
    7. UI Automation - Recording
    8. Advance UI Automation, Input / Output methods , Screen Scrapping , Data Scrapping
    9. Selectors
    10. Image & Text Automation
    11. Excel Automation
    12. Email Automation
    13. PDF Automation
    14. Word Automation
    15. Text file Automation
    16. Database interaction
    17. Debugging & Exception Handling
    18. Best Practices
  • Website Design & Development
  • 30 days training program. With training program fees 10,000 INR you get to learn and code:
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Bootstrap
    4. JavaScript
    5. JQuery
  • Open Source: Mobile Development with Ionic Framework (iOS/Android)
  • 10 days crash course. With training program fees 15,000 INR you get to learn and code following:
    1. Understanding Hybrid Native Application ecosystem and PWA
    2. Setting up Ionic Framework on your workstation
    3. Preview of Ionic UI components
    4. Understanding the difference: Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic Framework
    5. Basics: Adobe PhoneGap build service
    6. Native mobile application using Ionic Framework
    7. Understanding cordova plugins and its usage in Ionic Application
    8. Building your first Ionic Framework Application
    9. Creating your application Icon and Splash screen
    10. Publishing your application on Apple and Play store and on desktop browser as PWA.
    11. Exploring services offered by Ionic Framework (Ionic Lab, Ionic Creator, Ionic View, Ionic Push etc
    1. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    2. Basic knowledge of Angular 4.0 or Typescript

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