Why Astrea

We collaborate with you to succeed by understanding your vision and performing in a productive and powerful way. Our sense of duty regarding your prosperity drives us to create innovative, high calibre yet cost competitive solutions for all your business technology needs, irrespective of their quantum. We believe in delivering uncompromising quality, be transparent in doing business and being very affordable. Joining hands with us will free you of your stresses on the technology front enabling you to concentrate on what you excel at.

You are passionate about your business and we are raring to unleash ourselves in this digital age. The outcome is going to be mind boggling when we come together.

Software Development

In recent years, as application development and deployment have become an increasingly critical part of business operations, the organization has sought to optimize the product development lifecycles. Building quality into development is now an imperative for all software-intensive companies. Agile development approaches are finding their way into the organization as the pace of mobile demands faster and more efficient releases. More recently, increasing numbers of projects have begun to embrace an agile framework, in which phases of a project are completed in 2 to 4 week sprints. Shorter, time-bound sprints allow for more continuous evolution, feedback, and improvement.

Nowadays, the future of many industries is inextricably linked to harnessing emerging technologies and disrupting portions of their existing business and operating models. Other macro-level forces such as globalization, new expectations for customer engagement, and regulatory and compliance requirements also share a dependency on technology. Always on the fore front of emerging technologies, Astrea Solutions can serve as the critical link between your business strategy and business technology needs.

Mobile Applications

Demand for mobile devices is massive and growing. There are now more than 2 billion smartphones in use worldwide and mobile usage has now eclipsed desktop usage. Customers expect their mobile and desktop experience to be identical, with flawless functionality and performance no matter which device, browser, connection speed or location. Testing mobile applications has never been more complex and difficult to test at scale. To keep pace with user demands, businesses must accelerate delivery of new capabilities, putting additional pressure on development and test teams.

Our mobile application development spans from simple consumer mobile applications to complex enterprise mobility solutions. Our mobile development team employs agile software development methodology, which helps it in delivering high quality mobile solutions within assigned budget and schedule.

Quality Management

When the QA team is involved with every step of the design and planning phases, they have ongoing input into how the product is being developed. In the true spirit of agile, continuous feedback from QA allows for improvements throughout the development process and that feedback leads to higher quality software.

Having the right tools in place is crucial for successfully developing software. Quality project management tools, for example, make managing the development lifecycle far easier for PMs. And as embedded analytics becomes increasingly integral for software products, partnering with a platform provider that allows developers to quickly build and scale dashboards and reports is also paramount.

At Astrea Solutions, we leverage the right tools and partners to create quality softwares.